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Packet Data

Packet data, or 'packets', refers to pieces of data that are formatted for internet transfer. Packets contain the data itself, as well as information about the data, such as where it came from.

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Password Manager

A password manager is a software application that generates passwords, and stores and manages online credentials. The password manager stores all confidential credentials in an encrypted database, or 'vault', which can only be accessed using a master password.

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Patches within cybersecurity refers to the updates that fix the holes or vulnerabilities within the software - they are an essential component of basic sybersecurity hygiene.

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Pen Testing

Pen (or 'penetration') testing is security checks made by a company's security team, to check if hackers can penetrate the company's system. A pen tester will try to use known hacks and tools to hack into their own system, in order to explore where the system is vulnerable, and then patch it.

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Phishing is a type of cyberattack that uses email, SMS, phone, or social media to entice a victim to share personal information — such as passwords or account numbers — or to download a malicious file that will install viruses on their computer or phone.

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It is a generic term that refers to the confidentiality of information, in particular to all information considered of confidential nature, such as those concerning the person, that, in a broad sense, also concerns organisations. Privacy is protected by special laws that devote special articles to the processing of digital information.

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Proactive Guidance

Preempt cyber attacks and close gaps with daily, weekly, monthly, and ad hoc threat intelligence reports that provide unparalleled insight into relevant threat actors, TTPs, and zero-days.

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