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Packed with the most vital and crucial features of cybersecurity, RAV Essentials is one of the most comprehensive and powerful protection solutions for your PC.

Introducing Brand New Security Features
Behavioral Analysis & Machine Learning (ML)
  • Gives personal protection by constantly learning the behavior of your machine
  • Provides finely-tuned, accurate detection to provide fast, determined protection
  • Generate precise algorithms using ML
  • Identifies and pre-empt malware before it invades your PC
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ReasonLabs EDR
  • 24/7 endpoint detection and response for realtime monitoring and active protection
  • An end-to-end security solution that gives transparency to your processes and endpoints
  • EDR active defense pinpoints the vulnerable and infected endpoints
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Secure Browsing
  • Persistent web browsing protection
  • Defense against security breaches that come from browsing suspicious websites
  • Prevents threats and malware as a result of phishing
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All critical capabilities -
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FeatureReasonLabs Essentials
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table imageAntivirus & Anti-Malware Scan
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table imageSecure Browsing
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ReasonLabs RAV Essential Q&As

What is RAV Essentials?
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RAV Essentials includes the most fundamental security features used by enterprises for cyber protection. These are the most important functions anyone should have for a secure and carefree online experience.
What is the difference between RAV Essential and RAV Premium?
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RAV Essential has been upgraded by ReasonLabs and backed up with important security features. For a comparison of our security packages, click here.
What is the difference between RAV Essential and RAV Elite?
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The RAV Essential Package provides a basic yet vital level of protection, while the Elite Package is ReasonLabs’ cutting-edge, full-featured, breach-proof protection package. For a comparison of our security packages, click here.
How does ReasonLabs respond to threats?
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With real-time protection, ReasonLabs detects suspicious files, blocks infected files, and sends data to the Threat Intelligence Centre to identify any additional risks.

Discover the advantages of RAV Premium for all-round protection

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