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Featuring cutting-edge cybersecurity, privacy protection and malware detection, RAV Premium combines multiple layers of ReasonLabs’ next-generation antivirus (NGAV) most powerful functions.

Same Groundwork,
Extra Power
Webcam Protection
Secure your laptop camera against hostile malware with RAV Premium’s powerful webcam security feature.
Microphone Protection
Prevent hackers from manipulating your devices’ microphone with RAV Premium’s microphone protection layer.
Unwanted Software Blocker
Provides an extra layer of active defense by scanning, detecting and blocking files before they are downloaded.
Should I remove it?
In addition to ensuring that files are safe from viruses or malware, RAV Premium also marks ‘junk files’ you didn’t want to download in the first place with the ‘Should I Remove It?‘ feature.
Ransomware Protection
  • RAV Premium provides full protection against all forms of malicious software of malicious software.
  • Using multiple layers of protection, RAV Premium detects ransomware and blocks it, ensuring the safety of your files and browsing.
  • RAV Premium protects against ransomware, malware, Trojans, bad macros, and other immersive threats.
Dynamic Ransomware Defense
  • Cloud-based technology that analyses files in seconds.
  • Real-time analysis and detection based on former threats.
RAV Premium Broad Detection
  • High performance file detector that uncovers and blocks malicious files in real-time.
  • Enterprise-grade protection that includes a multi-faceted malware detection system.
Trust Protection Level
The RAV Premium package includes two levels of trust protection:
Normal — The essential next-generation antivirus.
Strict — A robust layer of protection that detects and blocks unsigned files from harming your computer.

ReasonLabs RAV Premium Q&As

What is the difference between RAV Premium and RAV Elite?
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On top of the features provided by RAV Premium, the RAV Elite package also offers VPN and Safer Web DNS, and provides active ransomware protection.
What is the benefit of having dynamic ransomware defense?
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RAV Premium offers dynamic protection using our Smart Engine, which is constantly learning and adjusting its rules and algorithms, so your assets will be protected even when you are not connected to the Internet.
Discover the advantages of RAV Elite for an all-round protection
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