Endpoint Protection: All You Need to Know for Maximum Security

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In the last decade or so, we’ve seen huge leaps and bounds in cybersecurity technology. As cyber criminals become smarter, the cybersecurity industry has needed to evolve in order to outwit these threat actors. Traditional antiviruses no longer hit the mark – in 2022, what you really need is a cybersecurity solution that fully provides endpoint protection as well.

CyberNews has recently selected ReasonLabs’ RAV Endpoint Protection as one of the best endpoint protection solutions available in the market today. But what exactly is Endpoint Protection and why should a home user look to shore up their cybersecurity with this level of antivirus protection?

What is Endpoint Protection?

‘Endpoint protection’ or ‘endpoint security’ is the term given to the cybersecurity approach to defending endpoints from cyber threats.

An ‘endpoint’ is any device that can share information and communicate with other devices and end users over a network e.g. desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Endpoints can be used as entry points by malicious actors, and are often a target simply because they are seen as vulnerable. Traditional cybersecurity measures, such as a centralized network antivirus, are no longer a match against evolving, sophisticated cyber threats, so endpoint security systems are needed to protect the endpoints themselves from cybersecurity threats that can then infiltrate further across networks. 

Endpoint protection’s mission is to analyze the behavior of what is occurring on any particular endpoint at any given time, offering a widespread investigation across a broad spectrum of utilities, and blocking malware and actions by attackers. It seeks to provide visibility into endpoint activity and utilize real-time monitoring of endpoints, in order to identify a device’s weakest intrusion points and learn how malware operates – hopefully in order to stop a possible cyber attack in its tracks.

Endpoint Protection vs. Traditional Antiviruses

Legacy antivirus technology relies heavily on virus signatures, but this is no longer good enough as there are just too many new cyber threats emerging all the time. Instead of waiting to see what threats evolve, leading cybersecurity experts have gone down the proactive path instead, leading to the development of what’s referred to as Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV). 

Unlike the traditional antivirus, which would protect against something that was seen, NGAV protects against a whole group of behaviours. NGAV uses predictive analytics driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, covering much more ground than a human being can manage to identify and protect against different malware. 

This pairing of legacy AV technology with machine learning and artificial intelligence has produced a new category of protection – Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR). Endpoint security is thus the combination of NGAV and EDR technology. Additionally, endpoint security will conduct threat hunting, using threat intelligence services in order to investigate all cybersecurity incidents, provide defensce and mitigate any attacks that have been detected.

Why Do Home Users Need Endpoint Protection?

Using endpoint protection, the data collected from the continuous monitoring of endpoints can enable security teams to quickly identify and respond to threats.

Whether you are an individual using a personal PC at home or working remotely, endpoint protection is a must. As well as quite clearly offering you cyber protection, it’s that key element of recognizing where you may have security holes and vulnerabilities, and offering a chance to patch them up before anything else happens, that is so important. 

Crucially, it’s this level of security that offers individuals the same level of cyber protection that is afforded to large corporations. RAV Endpoint Protection can now safeguard home users’ devices in a manner that wasn’t really an option in the past. 

For more information on ReasonLabs’ EDR as well as all other products in our cybersecurity suite, visit us at www.reasonlabs.com