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“Security firm ReasonLabs is warning movie fans that pirated copies of Spider-Man: No Way Home contain cryptomining malware.”


“Reason Cybersecurity, today disclosed details of a vulnerability they recently discovered in the Facebook Messenger application for Windows.“


“ReasonLabs caught the attack before it spread on a larger scale to potential victims, but if people were to come across the malicious map, it would have been in a phishing email…“

Multilayered defense
for advanced breach prevention

Malwares make no distinction between corporate and personal devices. Therefore, past perceptions of different levels of antivirus for businesses and households must be challenged. ReasonLabs is the first endpoint protection based on a multilayered machine-learning engine, that provides enterprise-grade security for all your personal devices. Our vigilant approach and powerful defense techniques have combined to create the most advanced shield against security breaches and ever-evolving cyber threats.

Next-generation cybersecurity for
next-generation cyber threats
Engine - Behavioral Analysis & Machine Learning (ML)

ReasonLabs’ researchers have developed technology based on automated analysis of data and malwares spanning over a decade. Our malware detection engine utilizes ML technology to quickly respond to new threats and malware mutations, and automatically predict the next assault.

Endpoint Detection Response (EDR)

Using our endpoint detection and response, we provide a complete line of events that led to a threat or other malicious incident being detected on your PC. A comprehensive picture can indicate a suspicious source or infected file and makes it possible to build a much more accurate diagnosis.

Active Ransomware Defense

ReasonLabs ransomware protection works in multiple layers. Our engine identifies and detects ransomware-like behavior, catching viruses and malicious activity while simultaneously spreading honeypots - a mechanism built to imitate fake files and trap ransomware.

DNS Deep Level Network Protection

ReasonLabs’ network of protection guards you against malicious websites and websites you had no intention of visiting. Our DNS solution has a built-in ad blocker and anti-tracker filters, which provides a shield against PG content, anti-phishing sites, and malware content blockers on a network level.

Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV)

While traditional AVs use a one‑to‑one detection technology to fight breaches and malware, ReasonLabs NGAV’s engine utilizes a variety of technologies and multilayer techniques to address malware from every angle; it predicts, participates, and prevents virus attacks at every stage.

Malware Analysis & Threat Hunting Intelligence

To achieve our main goal of preserving zero risks at all times, our research division uses large data set in real-time to gather insights and intelligence about malware, threats and other harmful agents in the cybersecurity industry.

ReasonLabs Machine Learning Technology

ReasonLabs’ engine utilizes machine learning algorithms powered by artificial intelligence for proactive detection, identification and resolution of even the most complex malware binaries.

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Enterprises deserve the best possible protection against online attackers.
So does your home.

ReasonLabs provides end-to-end security for your most valuable assets. With comprehensive EDR, advanced ML automation, and multilayered protection, users receive protection against hackers, ransomware, phishing, and all other types of malware. By maintaining and continuously updating a library of malicious files, ReasonLabs offers the industry’s most powerful defense engine.

ReasonLabs protects
100 million users around the world

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ReasonLabs‘ Extended Detection and Response (XDR), along with broad research and threat intelligence, provides the strongest defense for your personal assets.