Happy Father’s Day from a socially acceptable distance

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Heads up, everyone! It’s Father’s Day so it’s time to shower the important father figures in your lives with an abundance of love and gratitude, and amazing Father’s Day gifts. Right. Easier said than done. Finding a meaningful Father’s Day gift, never an easy task to begin with, is even more challenging in the era of Covid-19. We can’t invite the whole family over to the house for a BBQ, we can’t send Dad to his fav sporting event, we can’t have a picnic at the beach in his honor with friends and family or do most of the other things we’d normally do to celebrate Father’s Day. 

Indeed, making Father’s Day meaningful this year will require some extra inspiration and creativity. But it’s all good; there are still plenty of ways to do that even during quarantine. To help you get it right, we’ve rounded up a few Father’s Day gift suggestions that always make excellent gifts, but first a quick look at what not to give…

What not to give

Let’s keep it simple. If socks, ties, “World’s best dad” paraphernalia, cheap cologne, a BBQ apron, useless gadgets, car accessories, or gifts that are actually what you’d like to get top your list of gifts to give for Father’s Day, the answer is no, no, no, never, no, no, and absolutely not. Trust us, you can do better.

What to give on Father’s Day

And here’s how you can do better. The Father’s Day gift ideas listed here can help you send a loud and clear message of love and appreciation even during social distancing, quarantining and Covid-19. 

Prepare or order in a Father’s Day brunch. Don’t hold back here – make it a meal fit for a king: spinach and cheese frittata. Check.  Crepes with fresh strawberries. Check. Homemade granola and fresh yogurt. Check. A fresh Caprese salad. Check. A fresh fruit platter. Check. Blueberry scones. Check. And whatever else you can think of that will say Happy Father’s Day like you mean it.

Online subscriptions. There are so many great options, the list is endless. Does he like to learn? Get him a subscription to an audio content service. Or perhaps he prefers listening to discussions rather than books. If so, treat him to a podcast subscription that discusses topics of interest to him. Is he interested in genealogy? Get him a membership to an online genealogy platform. Is he an avid music lover? Buy him a subscription to a digital music service. Maybe he’s having gym withdrawal pains. Sign him up for a subscription to online workouts. There’s a subscription for every interest, and it’s a gift that continues throughout the year.

Online game night. Anyone who loves board games will have just as much fun playing them online via any of the party apps available such as the Houseparty app, the NBA 2k20 app or others. Indulge Dad with some fun online board games, drawing games, basketball games, racing games etc., that he can play with friends and family.

Organize a bike ride**.** There’s a work around for the quarantine and it’s called bike riding. With bike rides you can get in some outdoor fun, spend time with family and still practice social distancing even if a few friends decide to join too.  In fact, despite government stay-at-home orders, bike riding around the neighborhood is still allowed and even encouraged since it’s an excellent way to get some much needed exercise. 

Grooming products. Dads, not just moms, are in need of a little lockdown love right now. Men’s grooming products can be just the thing. Lip balms, hair care products, cleansers, facial moisturizers, and other skincare products, or even a men’s shaving subscription are a great way to make Dad feel pampered as well as help him beat that shaggy look caused by all the shuttered barbershops and hair salons.

Catch of the day

On any other Father’s Day, getting the catch of the day is a great idea, but this Father’s Day we want to warn you away from the catch of the day. Specifically, don’t let Dad become a hacker’s catch of the day in a phishing attack or a victim of any other malware attack, especially if you’re planning on giving online subscriptions as Father’s Day gifts. Make sure Dad has a powerful endpoint antivirus that can detect, prevent, and eliminate malware on all his devices, protect his data, and let him safely enjoy his online activities.

Keeping it special

With Mother’s Day in the rearview mirror, Father’s Day just around the corner, and Covid-19 front and center, many are feeling that showing love and gratitude to the important men in their lives is especially important right now and they want to give a gift that reflects that sentiment. It’s reassuring to know, therefore, that even if traditional Father’s Day celebrations aren’t doable, there are plenty of other ways to richly celebrate Father’s Day and keep it special.