RAV Endpoint Protection Earns A+ Grade In VB100 Certification

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We are thrilled to announce that RAV Endpoint Protection Premium has passed Virus Bulletin’s rigorous VB100 Test in May of 2024 with an A+ grade. This certification is a significant milestone for our company and a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. We are proud to be recognized by Virus Bulletin alongside other top-tier security providers for excellence in malware detection and prevention. View the full report here.

What is VB100 Certification?

VB100 is an efficacy certification covering Windows endpoint security products and their ability to protect against common threats. Conducted by Virus Bulletin, an independent testing and certification body in the field of cybersecurity, the VB100 test rigorously evaluates the performance and reliability of antivirus products. Established in 1998, the VB100 certification has become a benchmark for quality in the industry.

Criteria for passing the VB100 Test

The VB100 test uses multiple sets of malicious and clean test cases to verify the ability of the tested product to detect malware and to do so without generating false alarms for legitimate programs. To earn the VB100 certification, an antivirus product must meet stringent criteria:

  • The product must detect at least 75.00% of all test cases in the Certification set (malicious samples).
  • The product must not generate more than 0.05% false alarms in the Clean set (legitimate program samples).

RAV Endpoint Protection excels

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What this means for our customers

Achieving the VB100 certification underscores our commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of protection against cyber threats. RAV Endpoint Protection has proven its ability to detect and neutralize malware efficiently while maintaining a user-friendly experience with minimal disruption. Our customers can have greater confidence in the reliability and effectiveness of our product, knowing that it meets the rigorous standards set by Virus Bulletin.

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Looking ahead

While we celebrate this significant achievement, we remain dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. The cybersecurity landscape is ever-evolving, and we are committed to staying ahead of emerging threats to ensure our customers' safety and security. The VB100 certification is a milestone, but it is also a reminder of the ongoing vigilance and dedication required to maintain the highest standards of protection.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. We look forward to sharing more exciting updates and advancements with you in the future. To learn more about the full suite of cybersecurity products offered by ReasonLabs and our other industry awards, visit www.reasonlabs.com.