What NOT to Give Your Mom on Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day is one of the most popular holidays of the year and the second largest U.S. spending holiday after the winter holidays. And with good reason; Mother’s Day is an annual reminder to cherish and show appreciation to the mother figures in our lives whether that person is our mother, grandmother, aunt, stepmom, foster mom, or any other mother figure. We usually do this by spending the day with her and giving her gifts such as spa days, fancy restaurant dates, flowers etc.

This year, however, Mother’s Day is going to look quite a bit different thanks to Covid-19. This year, we may not even be able to be with our mothers on Mother’s Day. This year, we can’t take them out to their favorite restaurant or send them to a spa. So this year, we must be a little more creative and imaginative if we want to show Mom some love during corona. The tips below are here to help you find a little inspiration to do just that.

But first a word about what not to give

Part of getting Mother’s Day right also means knowing what not to give or do on Mother’s Day. For instance, if your mom’s answer to ‘what do you want for Mother’s Day’ is ‘nothing, I just want to spend time with you guys’, get her a gift anyhow. ‘Spending time with you guys’ is pretty much what she does every day of the week.

  • Face masks – nope, not even as a joke.

  • Cash – this is pretty thoughtless and not a great gift idea for any occasion unless it’s specifically requested.

  • Regifted gifts – just tacky.

  • Appliances for doing chores around the house like new pots and pans, cook books, a new iron or vacuum – you get the point. 

  • Electronics that she won’t use, but you probably will e.g., an Xbox, a PlayStation, the latest drone to come on the market. This shouldn’t need an explanation, but in case you missed it, if you want the gift, it’s for you, not for her. 

  • A membership to Weight Watchers. Also doesn’t need an explanation; no one wants to be told they need to lose weight.

  • Wrinkle cream or anti-aging cream. Double down on this one; no one wants to hear that they’re starting to look older either.

  • Unless it’s actually a new car, stay away from auto-related gifts like new tires, an oil change, a smog certification, etc.

  • Malware! It’s fine to use your mom’s computer to order her gifts online, just make sure you don’t also give her an unwanted gift like malware too. And while we don’t necessarily recommend an antivirus program as a Mother’s Day gift, it is a good idea to make sure she has one installed on her computer. In fact, installing an endpoint security antivirus, especially if you work from home, is the best way to ensure comprehensive protection from malware. 

Now for the good stuff – what to give on Mother’s Day

  • Flowers are still nice. In fact, they’re always nice, but if you want a gift that will last, get potted plants that will survive and thrive.

  • Does she like painting, gardening, playing an instrument, photography? Giving gifts related to and that support her hobbies show that you put thought and time into choosing her gift.

  • Decorate her front door with a wreath so she’ll get a burst of good cheer when she opens her door. They make beautiful front door statement pieces and the neighbors will admire the wreath all season long.

  • Get her a subscription to Masterclass, a wine club, an online yoga class, a coffee of the month club or another subscription that you know she’ll love. The options are endless and subscription-based gifts can be enjoyed anew every month.

  • Candy – Really? Do we even have to mention this one? Candy is always good and who doesn’t need a little extra sweetness right now?

  • Breakfast in bed is a beloved classic Mother’s Day gift and perfect if you have little ones at home who can ‘help’ you out with the preparations. Add some fresh cut flowers and a promise of the day off and you’ve nailed it.

  • Ordering takeout is another way to give mom a break, and what mom doesn’t need one? Order it from her favorite restaurant. Just because you can’t go there, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their food.

  • A family photo shoot. Before you start groaning about having to pose for the umpteenth photo, remember it’s Mother’s Day and this is an ideal way to show your mom that you get it – family pictures are important.

  • A drive-by Mother’s Day event organized by you and your siblings and other family members that are separated from Mom because of Corona is a novel and loving way to say happy Mother’s Day. Make Happy Mother’s Day signs to display and throw kisses as you drive by. The neighbors will enjoy your act of love too.

  • Virtual time is better than no time at all, so take advantage of one of the many video chat applications and have a virtual visit with your mom. Better yet, organize a video conference with all the members of your family that would like to wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day. Have everyone in the call say a special toast to your mom’s health and happiness.

Love, Mother’s Day, and hope in the time of Corona

American poet, Maya Angeleou’s famous quote, “H__ope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.” has special relevance to life under corona. On Mother’s Day, we suggest you invite happiness too. Wishing everyone a hopeful, loving, and happy Mother’s Day celebration!