ReasonLabs’ expertise is recognized by leading cybersecurity researchers and organizations worldwide.


Microsoft Virus Initiative

ReasonLabs is a certified Consumer Antivirus Software provider for Windows and a member of the Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI), committed to helping individuals improve their cybersecurity stature. Learn more here.

OPSWAT: Access Control Certification

ReasonLabs’ RAV Endpoint Protection has achieved the coveted Gold Certification from OPSWAT in the category of Anti-Malware, showing its effectiveness and consistency when it comes to malware defenses.

Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization

ReasonLabs is a member of AMTSO, the international non-profit association that addresses the global need for objective and high-quality testing standards and best practices for cybersecurity products.

Association of Anti-Virus Asia Researchers

ReasonLabs has joined AVAR as a member organization, affirming its commitment to raising awareness of international cyber threats and strengthening the global cybersecurity community.

Cyber Startup Observatory

As a member of the Cyber Startup Observatory, ReasonLabs is a part of an innovative global cyber network, dedicated to sharing high-quality resources and cyber insights for the community worldwide.

Trend Micro: GRID Program

ReasonLabs is a member of Trend Micro’s Goodware Resource and Information Database (GRID) program, which reinforces ReasonLabs’ expertise in Internet content security and threat management technology.

Microsoft Active Protections Program

ReasonLabs’ collaboration with the Microsoft Active Protections Program provides further opportunities to research and learn about vulnerabilities as early as possible, in order to deploy the fastest defense.