Scams On The Rise! eBay Scams To Watch Out For

February 28, 2024
eBay is one of the pioneers of online marketplaces, offering consumers a platform for buying and selling a wide array of products. However, like any online platform, eBay is not immune to scams and fraudulent activities.
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How To Find Printer IP Address On Windows & Mac

February 25, 2024
In this guide, we'll explore what an IP address is, why printers have IP addresses, and how to find printer IP addresses on both Windows and Mac operating systems.
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Is Etsy Legit? How To Tell If There's A Seller Scam

February 22, 2024
As an online marketplace, [Etsy]( stands out as a hub for unique handmade goods, vintage treasures, and creative endeavors. However, as with any online platform, users should exercise caution and awareness to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience.
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What Is A Text Mail Subscriber Scam? Learn To Protect Yourself

February 21, 2024
A text mail subscriber scam involves the deceptive use of text mail services for fraudulent activities. Scammers leverage these services to send misleading messages, phishing attempts, or engage in various schemes to exploit unsuspecting individuals.
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Tax Identity Theft: Protect Yourself from Tax Return Scams & Frauds

February 20, 2024
Tax identity theft is a serious concern, but with awareness, vigilance, and the right cybersecurity measures, individuals can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to these scams.
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Fake YouTube Giveaway Scams: How To Recognize Them!

February 19, 2024
It would be nice to believe that giveaway offers on social media platforms are real; however, as with most online ‘too good to be true’ scenarios, this is unfortunately generally not the case. We’ve rounded up some of the most common giveaway scams that occur on the YouTube platform.
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MSIExec.Exe Files: How To Know If I Can Uninstall Or If It's Safe

February 15, 2024
.msi files are widely used for software distribution and installation due to their standardized format and reliability. While .msi files themselves are not inherently unsafe, they can be manipulated by malicious actors to deliver malware
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