Digital Identity Protection: Why Data Monitoring Is An Important Defense

May 16, 2024
As the frequency of cyber threats and data breaches in the digital age are rampant, consumers are increasingly concerned about the security of their online activities. Web browser extensions, such as Online Security from ReasonLabs, play a crucial role in empowering users to defend themselves against potential threats and data breaches.
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Online Marketplace Scams: How To Protect Against Temu Fraud

May 8, 2024
The popularity of online marketplaces has skyrocketed, offering consumers a convenient way to buy and sell goods and services from the comfort of their homes. However, with the rise of online marketplaces comes the increased risk of scams and fraudulent activities.
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Beware Cash Square Scams! How To Avoid Fraudulent Schemes

May 7, 2024
While Cash App (formerly Square Cash) offers convenient ways to manage your finances and send money, it's crucial to remain vigilant and protect yourself from potential scams and fraudulent schemes.
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My Facebook Account Is Hacked & Email Changed! What To Do?

May 6, 2024
It can be very distressing to discover that your Facebook account has been hacked, and your data violated, but taking swift action and increasing awareness can help you regain control and protect your privacy.
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What Is A Chime Scam? 6 Chime Scams You Need To Know

April 30, 2024
Consumers must stay vigilant against scams targeting online platforms and financial services. Chime, a popular digital banking platform known for its user-friendly features and accessibility, has unfortunately become a prime target for scammers looking to exploit unsuspecting individuals.
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Digital Spring Clean! How To Delete Wi-Fi History

April 29, 2024
One often overlooked aspect of digital hygiene is clearing out your Wi-Fi history. In this blog post, we'll explore why you might want to delete your Wi-Fi history, how to do it, and some additional tips for keeping your digital life organized and secure.
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Is Payoneer Safe? How To Prevent Digital Payment Scams

April 25, 2024
Digital payment platforms like Payoneer have revolutionized the way individuals and businesses send and receive money globally. However, with convenience comes the risk of exploitation by cybercriminals seeking to defraud unsuspecting users.
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