How To Identify A Fake Text Message: Tips For Detection

October 30, 2023
Protecting yourself in our highly connected world begins with knowing how to spot scams, lies, and fake connections. how to identify fake blocked number messages, as well as examine the various signs and techniques used by cybercriminals when it comes to fake text messaging.
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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: How To Empower Your Cybersecurity Journey

October 24, 2023
This Cybersecurity Awareness Month, take proactive steps to protect yourself online. With ReasonLabs products by your side, you can navigate the digital landscape with confidence.
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Telegram Messenger App Scams - How To Not Get Scammed

October 19, 2023
While the Telegram app offers secure communication, it’s essential to remain vigilant and proactive in protecting your account from scams. Follow the preventive measures outlined in this blog to enjoy the benefits of Telegram while safeguarding your personal information and financial security.
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Cash App and Snapchat Sugar Momma Scams Are On The Rise!

October 4, 2023
Social media platforms and payment apps have opened up new avenues for connecting with people. Unfortunately, these platforms have also become fertile ground for various scams, including ‘sugar momma scams’.
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How Does Identity Theft Happen? Learn to Safeguard Yourself

September 28, 2023
Understand the ways in which identity fraud can occur, and the depth to which it can affect the victim.
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11 Tips To Avoid Venmo Scams On Facebook Marketplace

September 19, 2023
Venmo scams are fraudulent schemes that exploit users of the popular peer-to-peer payment platform, Venmo - involving attempts to trick users into sending money to scammers, or divulge sensitive personal information.
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My Facebook Account is Hacked & Email Changed! What to Do?

September 18, 2023
It can be very distressing to discover that your Facebook account has been hacked, and your data violated, but taking swift action and increasing awareness can help you regain control and protect your privacy.
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