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Revenge of the Unitrix
Tue May 17 2022

Unitrix is the name given to an old homographic exploit that misuses the invisible Unicode Standard character U+202E. We revisited this old exploit and found that many malicious attackers are still using it to trick users into opening malicious files.

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The State of Consumer Cybersecurity 2022
Wed Feb 23 2022

This report identifies and analyzes the biggest threats that consumers faced in 2021

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Don’t Get Stuck in its Web! How to Combat The Spider-Man Mining Malware
Mon Jan 03 2022

News broke last week concerning a Monero mining malware found in a copy of the…

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Spider-Miner: With Great Power Comes Great Problems!
Thu Dec 23 2021

Spider-miner, spider-miner, does whatever a miner can. Mine a coin, spawn a thread, Uses…

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Dealing with JavaScript Obfuscations — Part 3
Sun Jun 07 2020

Data obfuscation is the next layer in the whole obfuscation process and it tries to fog the data output so that it will be pretty hard to understand when analyzing it with our own eyes.

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Dealing with JavaScript Obfuscations — Part 2
Mon Jun 01 2020

Attackers want to make things harder in case we beautify the code, so for that, they’ll add some garbage code. Garbage code has no real purpose; it doesn’t affect the code itself in any way. The whole idea of garbage code is just to make things harder to track and to confuse the researcher.

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Dealing with JavaScript Obfuscations — Part 1
Wed May 27 2020

Using JavaScript in cyber attacks is not exactly new, but more and more attackers are using Javascript to create malware…

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