RAV Saferweb
ReasonLabs DNS protects your activity and ensures its privacy.
As with large enterprises, users should have no need to be concerned with hackers or malicious software attacking their activity, monitoring or recording their actions, and damaging them or their assets.
ReasonLabs’ Safer Web ensures a safe browsing experience, blocking all unwanted advertisements and suspicious URLs in your path.
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Indicates when it’s safe to browse freely.
The Latest Next-Generation Filter in the Market!
One app to manage all of the Internet
No tech-knowledge required
Preloaded best industry practices
Protection from constant monitoring of your actions
  • Filters out explicit content and limits access to a wide variety of commonly used apps and websites.
  • Blocks not only browser tracking, but also tracking through all applications on your device.
  • Utilizes a variety of threat-intelligence and behavior-analysis tools to block domains associated with malware and phishing, and protects your devices.

RAV Saferweb Q&As

How does RAV DNS protect me?
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Every time you browse the web or use an app that requires an Internet connection, your device connects to a DNS server behind the scenes. Using ReasonLabs’ Safer Web, you can control this DNS service (which takes place on the back end), allowing you to automatically block access to Internet content according to your needs. This app is preloaded with a configuration that is recommended for most users, and the configuration may be easily modified through the app interface. You can enable or disable connections to malicious websites, block ads and trackers that collect your online information, and block explicit content that is inappropriate to view with your children.
How easy is to install ReasonLabs’s Safer Web?
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  • Mobile devices - Direct installation through App Store (currently only available for Android).
  • PC’s - Download and run the installer (currently only available for Windows).
Once the app is installed, easily activate the service with one click.
Our predefined filter settings automatically protect you from malware and cyber threats, and block ads, trackers and native operating system trackers. Your filters may be easily modified at any time.
How does DNS work?
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Any application (browser, application, program,operating system) connected to the Internet makes an outgoing request from your device to a DNS (Domain Name System).
A DNS is like an Internet “phone book”, that maps all the domains (www.example.com) to their respective Internet “IP address” (]
The Internet on your device won’t work if it doesn’t connect to a DNS.
Our custom DNS server not only maps the domain name (example.com) to its IP address (, but also adds a filter layer to custom block domains according to your configurations.