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  • High-performing online experience

    Protect your online privacy while freely and safely surfing the Web.

  • Simple to install, easy to use

    Enjoy a trouble-free VPN experience. Connect quickly and easily to enjoy a trouble-free VPN experience

  • 100% data encryption

    All transferred data is encrypted using the latest security protocols.

  • Zero-logs policy

    We maintain an ironclad no-logs policy. None of your activity is ever shared with anyone.

  • No GEO restrictions

    Bypass geographic restrictions and censorship to safely access any global content.

  • Stream safely

    Safely and quickly stream online media from anywhere in the world.

Simplified and Intuitive Interface

  • Single click to secure your Internet connection

  • Connect to remote locations from all around the world

  • Once connected, you can navigate the web confidently with a secure and private connection


What is RAV VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows you to secure and anonymize the connection between your devices and the Internet. It works by tunneling all your Internet connections and activity through a remote server, thus masking your real IP (Internet address).

Why do I need VPN and what can I do with it?

So when do you actually need a VPN?

When you want to connect to websites anonymously to protect your privacy and prevent websites from tracking you.

When you want to connect to websites, videos and services from different countries around the world. When you connect to the Internet using public WiFi networks (restaurants, hotels, airports, coffee shops, and more) using a VPN will mitigate the risk of being hacked or having your data stolen.

How does a VPN work?

The virtual private network is an encrypted “tunnel” throughout the Internet. This tunnel begins on the VPN software that is installed on your device and ends on a remote VPN server located somewhere around the world.

With RAV VPN, the data that is transferred in this tunnel is completely encrypted with the highest security standards, so no one can track, spy or hack it. The data is decrypted on the VPN server, and then sent to the Internet from the server’s location, and vice versa, the data received from the Internet is encrypted and sent to your device securely.

Therefore, not only does the VPN encrypt your data when going online, but it also allows you to access the Internet from anywhere in the world while hiding your IP and keeping your data private.

Will a VPN slow my Internet connection?

All VPNs can have an effect on your Internet speed as it adds another step to the Internet connection. A well-performing service such as RAV VPN uses a stable and effective VPN server infrastructure that reduces this effect so it will be almost unnoticeable. Keep in mind that connecting to servers in countries with higher Internet speed and bandwidth will also reduce the chance your Internet connection will work slower.

Can I be tracked if I use a VPN?

Using a VPN allows you to hide your IP address and encrypt the connection between your device and the Internet. As long as you do not identify yourself by allowing cookies or other authentication methods, no one can see what data you send and receive from your device.

Having a VPN is another significant protection layer for your privacy and online security, but there are additional measures you can take in order to improve your privacy online, such as not accepting cookies, not sharing identification information, and more.

Why should I choose RAV VPN?

We at ReasonLabs specialize in delivering enterprise-grade security products to home users. By using RAV VPN, you can enjoy the same level of cyber protection that large companies use.

RAV VPN by ReasonLabs uses the most advanced security practices in the industry to protect your privacy and keep you secure while you’re connected online. We maintain an ironclad no-logs policy, so none of your activity is ever logged on our servers nor shared with anyone.

RAV VPN is extremely easy to install and very intuitive to operate. You can activate your own VPN and enjoy all the benefits of using a VPN service with a single click.

Unlike other known VPN suppliers, you can either get RAV VPN as standalone software, or get it as part of the RAV Premium security bundle, including RAV VPN, RAV Endpoint Protection, Safer Web, Online Security browser extension, and more.

Stay secure online with RAV VPN
checked30-day money-back guarantee