Safer Web DNS Filter

Safer Web filters the internet to protect you and your family from privacy trackers, inappropriate content and malicious websites.
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Employees at the world’s largest corporations don’t have to worry about malicious adware.
So why should you?

Our Safer Web DNS filter provides a safe browsing experience for everyone, blocking unwanted ads and suspicious URLs.


How DNS Filtering
Protects You

Filters out explicit content and limits access to a wide variety of commonly used apps and websites.

Prevents various types of tracking on your device for upgraded privacy protection.

Blocks domains associated with malware and phishing thanks to behaviour analysis tools and smart threat detection.


Simple and Intuitive Interface

Live display of the blocked ads, trackers and websites
Just a single click to activate your protection
Easy and intuitive management of your filters

Who Needs DNS Protection

With cyberthreats increasing at an alarming rate, every single internet user can enjoy greater security with DNS Protection.

What Safer Web DNS Blocker Does

The Safer Web DNS blocker stops ads and data trackers from invading your privacy and threatening your security.

Why Use Safer Web for DNS Security and Parental Control

With the Internet becoming an increasingly hostile environment, Safer Web provides a powerful safety net to keep you and your family safe from a whole host of cyberthreats.

Filtering Children's Online Content
Has Never Been So Important

risk iconInappropriate Content71% of tweens and 88% of teens encounter nudity or sexual content online
risk iconDrugs/Alcohol70% of tweens and 91% of teens engage in conversations about drugs & alcohol
risk iconViolence88% of tweens and 94% of teens have been exposed to violent content online

Safer Web DNS Filter FAQs

What is DNS filtering?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a critical component of using the Internet as it allows users to access websites with simple domain names instead of using IP addresses. Any application, program, or operating system that is connected to the Internet must make outgoing requests from your device to various servers located around the world. To do so, they will send a request to a DNS server first, to get their server’s IP.

The DNS can be seen as the Internet “phone book, ” which maps domains ( to their respective Internet “IP address” ( A DNS filter is an additional capability of not only mapping the domain name ( to its IP address ( but also adding a filter layer to custom block domains according to your configurations.

Why is the Safer Web DNS filter better than its competitors?

Most DNS filters are tech-oriented and hard to operate. ReasonLabs’ Safer Web DNS blocker is an extremely easy-to-use program built with a pre-loaded configuration that is recommended for most users.

The configuration can be easily modified through the app interface, where you can enable or disable connections to malicious websites, block ads and trackers that collect your online information, and block explicit content that is inappropriate to view with your children.

Safer Web is an extremely intuitive product that functions throughout an entire device and is not limited to a hosting browser like some ad blocks are. Safer Web is available as a free-to-use program and currently offers protection on PCs and Android-powered mobile devices.

How does a DNS ad blocker and content filter work?

Any application such as a browser, web or mobile application, program, or operating system connected to the Internet, will make an outgoing request from your device to a DNS (Domain Name System). A DNS is like an Internet “phone book, ” which maps domains ( to their respective Internet “IP address” ( Safer Web’s DNS server not only maps the domain name ( to its IP address ( but also adds a filter layer to custom block domains according to your configurations.

Is the Safer Web DNS filter available for free?

ReasonLabs’ Safer Web DNS Filtering service is available both as a free service as well as a paid service with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Pricing may vary depending on your location for desktop or mobile use. See the plan picker above to choose the right subscription for you.

How easy is it to install Safer Web to filter websites?

ReasonLabs’ Safer Web is an extremely easy program to install and use on multiple devices:

  • For mobile devices, the application is currently only available for use on the Android operating system. You can install Safer Web directly through the Google Play Store.
  • For PCs, Safer Web is currently only available for use on the Windows operating system. You can buy Safer Web and run the installer right from our website.

Once the app is installed, you can easily activate Safer Web with just one click. Our predefined filter settings automatically protect you from malware and cyber threats, block ads and online trackers, as well as native operating system trackers that you might not be aware of. Your filters can be easily modified at any time to give you your exact desired privacy or cybersecurity protection.

How does Safer Web DNS protection act as parental control software to protect my kids?

Safer Web allows you to easily manage the online content your kids are exposed to - on the browser and on a variety of commonly used applications. It’s extremely easy to install, and you can remotely control your kids’ configurations from your device. You can block their access to adult content and gambling sites, dating services, and anything else you deem inappropriate for their age. You can block explicit content, ads, and trackers on all apps and games on mobile and desktop devices. You can also block explicit videos on YouTube and apply Google Safe Search by default.

How does Safer Web’s DNS filtering service increase my Internet connection speed?

ReasonLabs’ Safer Web is just as fast or even faster than your default DNS. By blocking various types of trackers, ads, and unwanted or unneeded services, the load on your Internet connection decreases. This decrease in turn increases your overall Internet speed and makes for an overall better Internet browsing experience.

Does a DNS security solution provide adequate cybersecurity protection for my devices?

ReasonLabs’ DNS security solution is an enterprise-grade application that works hand-in-hand with the rest of ReasonLabs’ security suite to make sure all users are protected against next-generation cyber threats, whether it be on their PC or their mobile devices. As part of ReasonLabs’ security suite, Safer Web perfectly complements ReasonLabs’ RAV Endpoint Protection software to ensure home users receive cyber protection against malicious URLs, intrusive trackers, adware, and more.

I can’t log in - how do I reset my password?

Forgot your password? Here’s how to reset it:

  1. Open your Safer Web application
  2. On the top right-hand corner, click on the Menu and select ‘Sign In’
  3. Press the ‘Forgot Password’ button and you will be redirected to your web browser
  4. Fill in the email address you used at the time you purchased the application and click ‘Submit’
  5. An email with the link to ‘Reset my password’ should be sent to you immediately. Please check your Spam or Trash folders if the email doesn’t appear in your inbox.
  6. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password. Return to the application and fill in the email/user name and new password from the confirmation email.
  7. Please note: The new password will be valid for all other ReasonLabs products and services that you may own.

Stay Secure Online with Safer Web

checked30-day money-back guarantee