RAV ML Engine
The ReasonLabs engine, powered by machine learning technology, is what brings its security level to an enterprise standard.
Without the ML component, ReasonLabs would only be able to use raw data collected from and investigated by its research arm, the Threat Intelligence Center (TIC).
With the combination of the ML algorithm, ReasonLabs' Engine is one of the most comprehensive AVs in the market.
Machine Learning Engine Capabilities
  • RAV ML Engine detects patterns and keeps records for more extensive protection
  • RAV ML Engine has the ability to sort through millions of files and identify potentially hazardous ones
  • RAV ML Engine creates similar templates to catch more types of malwares
  • With RAV ML Engine, ReasonLabs' team can be more proactive in preventing threats and responding to active attacks in real-time
All-Round Protection with Advanced RAV ML Engine Technique
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